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Cent Kisan Credit Card ( CKCC)

Purpose *To meet short term credit requirements for cultivation of crops.
*To provide Post-harvest expenses & Produce Marketing loans.
* To meet consumption requirement of farmers.
* To meet working capital requirement for maintenance of farm equipments and other assets and activities allied to agriculture like dairy, fisheries etc.
Eligibility *All Farmers - Individuals / Joint borrowers who are owner cultivators, tenant farmers, oral lessees, share croppers and Self Help Groups or Joint Liability Groups of Farmers.
Nature of facility *Short-term revolving credit
Limit *For the first year,
limit will be fixed on the basis of
- Scale of finance for the crop, plus
- 10% of limit towards post harvest/household/consumption expenses plus
- 20% of limit towards repairs & maintenance, crop insurance, Personal Accident Insurance & asset insurance.
- For second and subsequent years the limit will be arrived at by adding 10% towards cost escalation over limit of the preceding year.
Margin *Nil as it is inbuilt in the scale of finance.
Security *Primary -
- Hypothecation of crops and assets created out of bank's finance.
* Collateral -
- No collateral for limit upto Rs 1.60 Lakh.(In tie ups-up to Rs.3.00 Lakh- No security required)
- For limits above Rs 1.60 Lakh, collateral security is required.
Rate of Interest Limit Upto Rs 3,00,000/- (Interest Subvention)
Above Rs 3.00 Lakh up to Rs 10.00 lacs
Above Rs 10.00 lakh upto Rs 100.0 lakh
*MCLR + 2.50%
*MCLR + 3.00%
Processing Charges *Nil
Documentation Charges *NIL
Repayment *As per the anticipated harvesting and marketing of the crop.
*Limit will be valid for 5 years, subject to annual review.
For further details, please contact our nearest branch.
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