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Cent 555 Term Deposit

  1. Tenure of deposit :555 days
  2. Rate of interest :6.65 %
  3. In case of revision in domestic deposit rates for the same period, this rate will be equivalent to the rate applicable to domestic deposit of 555 days maturity.
  4. Interest is compounded quarterly.
  5. Minimum deposit amount is Rs. 1,000 and maximum amount less than 1 crore.

Features :

  • Additional benefit of interest is not allowed to either Senior citizen or ex-staff/staff.
  • In case of premature withdrawal No interest payable if closed before completion of 1 year. 1% penal interest to be applied (as applicable) if closed before maturity after completion of 1 year.
  • Premature withdrawal is not allowed if a loan is availed against the deposit

Account Opening Forms:

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