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Target Group:

Civil Contractors/ Construction Contractor
Sub Contractors executing works on behalf of main contractors who have been allotted works by Main Contractors


To provide financial support to contractors of good reputation engaged in works on Behalf of Central Government Department/ State Government Department/PWD/ Public Sector undertakings/ and reputed Private Sector Organizations having category of B+ rating and above.


Pre Construction Stage:CC,OD, TL, BG, DPG and Bid Bond Guarantee.
Construction Stage and Post Construction Stage:Cash Credit/Overdraft for Bills limit for purchase/discounting of the accepted bills, Bank Guarantee limits for release of retention money.

Maximum Loan: Rs.5 crore

Assessment of Finance:

On the basis of Projected Cash flow for the entire repayment period.


12 months in case of CC/OD and Maximum 5 years in case of TL


Up to Rs.10 lac @ MCLR+0.50%, Above Rs.10 lac Up to Rs.1 crore @ MCLR+1.00 and above Rs.1 crore ( Rating CBI-1 to CBI-4 @ MCLR+2.00% and CBI-5 and above @ CBI+2.50% to CBI+4.00%)

Processing Charge:

1.00% of loan amount with maximum Rs.2,00,000/-

Primary Security:

Hypothecation of all types of Construction Raw Materials/ Plant & Machinery and consumable stores. Hypothecation of Book Debts. However, DP should be allowed against receivables not older than 90 days.

Collateral Security:

Up to Rs.1.00 crore: Equitable mortgage of immovable property having 100% of the limit sanctioned. (FB+NFB) OR CGTMSE coverage where no collateral or third party Guarantee is to be taken
Above Rs.1 crore and up to Rs.5 crore: Equitable Mortgage of immovable property having market value not less than 150% of limit sanctioned (FB+NFB).

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