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Cent Construction Equipment Finance

Targeted Customer Segments:

Firms, Companies, Contractors engaged in Road Construction, Mining, Oil Exploration, Railway contractors, Power, Irrigation, Civil Contractors and sub contractors. (The list is only illustrative and not exhaustive).


For purchasing New -Machinery/ Equipment/ Vehicles for construction activities (from authorized/reputed dealers)


Firms/Companies (including contractors) engaged in construction activity.


Term Loan

Loan Amount:

Maximum Rs 5 crore. (The Total investment in equipments of the Firm/Company should not exceed Rs.5 crore inclusive of the equipment intended to be purchased out of the proposed bank finance)


25% of the cost of machinery/ equipment/ vehicles


Maximum 60 EMIs commencing from next month of first disbursement.


Hypothecation of machinery/ equipment/ vehicles financed by the Bank
25% of the loan amount by way of mortgage of property/ land & building/ Liquid security.

Rate of Interest:

Upto Rs.10 lacs- BR+0.50%
Above Rs.10 lacs-100 lacs- BR+1.00%
Above Rs 1 Crore as under- As per rating
100% collateral security of loan amount available. Irrespective of Rating = BR+1%

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