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1. Centbank Financial Services Limited

Incorporation In the Year 1929
(A wholly-owned subsidiary of Central Bank of India)
Vision To be the leading Indian investment bank creating enduring values for customers
Mision To provide investment banking services in the areas of corporate finance, advisory, capital markets & trusteeship and achieve overall business growth through superior customer satisfaction, innovation, quality and commitment.

Trusteeship Services 

  • Debenture Trusteeship
  • Securities Trusteeship
  • Executor of Will
  • Administrator of an Estate
  • Trustee under a Will/Voluntary or Living Trust
  • Trustee for Public, Charitable and Religious Trusts
  • Trustee of Trust created by Policies issued under Married Women's Property Act
  • Guardian of Minor's property
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 Centbank Financial Services Ltd
(Formerly Centbank Financial & Custodial Services Ltd; The Central Bank Executors & Trustee Co Ltd)
Centbank Financial Services Limited
3rd Floor, Central Bank of India MMO Building,
55, M G Road, Fort,
Mumbai, 400 001
Landline: +91 22 2261 6217/14
Fax: +91 22 2261 6208
E-mail: info@cfsl.in
Website: www.cfsl.in

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