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Cent Farm Machinery Scheme

Purpose * To finance purchase of Tractors, Trailers and other agricultural implements and accessories.
Eligibility * Individuals, Partnership firms, companies, FSS, PACs engaged in agriculture and / or allied activities
For Tractors-
Up to 35 HP New Tractor- 2.5 acre of perennially irrigated land or 5.00 acre of
                                                  non-irrigated land
Above 35 HP New Tractor- 4.00 acre of perennially irrigated land or 8.00
                                                  acres of non-irrigated land.
Nature of facility * Term Loan.
Margin * Upto 1.60 lakh-NIL
* Above 1.60Lakh- 20%
Security * Primary

* Collateral
- Hypothecation of Tractor & implements.
- Hypothecation of crops.
- Up to Rs 1.60 lakh – NIL
-Above Rs 1.60 lakh –
Mortgage/Charge on land (Total value of collateral security should be at least 100% of the loan amount except for combine harvester for which colateral should be 150% of the loan amount).
Insurance Assets created out of loan have to be insured for full value.  
Rate of Interest Upto Rs 3,00,000/-
Above Rs 3.00 lakh to Rs 10.00 lacs
Above Rs 10.00 lakhs upto s.100.00lacs
Above Rs 100.00 Lakhs
MCLR + 1.35%
MCLR + 2.50%
MCLR + 3.00%
As per rating of borrower
Processing Charges Upto 25,000/- -NIL
Above Rs 25000/- to Rs 500.00Lakh- @ Rs 120/- per lac or part thereof, Maximum Rs 50,000/-.
Documentation Charges Upto Rs 2.00Lakh- NIL
>Rs 2 Lakh to Rs 25.00Lakh- Rs 50/- per Lakh or part thereof Max Rs 1000/-
>Rs 25 Lakh to Rs 50Lakh- Rs 75/- per Lakh or part thereof Max Rs 3000/-
Repayment *Within 5 to 9 years (including moratorium period of Max 12 months)

For further details, please contact our nearest branch.

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