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Salary/ Pension :

Salary / Pension is to be credited into Cent Param Salary Accounts in various branches by last working day of the month or on dates communicated in writing by the Salary / Pension Disbursement Authorities. The salary / Pension cheque alongwith account details are to be furnished by the Salary / Pension Disbursement Authorities three working days before the date of actual disbursement of salary. It should be ensured by the Branches that the salary is credited to respective accounts and is available for withdrawal at the start of the normal banking hours on the scheduled date of disbursement of salary.

Sundry Payments during the Month

All other sundry payments during the month are also to be remitted to individual account holders as per details provided by Salary Disbursement Authorities.. For all non salary payments, money will be transferred to respective Accounts within 24 hours/one working day of realization of cheque.


  1. Existing salary accounts of defence personnel / personnel of Para military Forces / Civilians drawing salary from defence accounts, will be converted to Cent Param Salary / Pension Accounts subject to an application-cum-undertaking to be submitted by the account holder as per specimen attached in Annexure I. As contained in the same Annexure1, all personnel who have opened Cent Param Salary Accounts, whether new accounts or converted, will undertake to obtain no objection certificate (NOC) from the Bank as per Annexure II in the event he/she desires to change to another Bank for credit of salary.
  2. It is pertinent to note that all facilities under Cent Param Scheme will cease to continue once a Cent Param Salary / Pension Account holder desires to change to another Bank for credit of salary/ Pension.
  3. Personal Loans and Over Drafts under Cent Suvidha should be got adjusted prior to such transfer of Salary / Pension accounts to other Banks
  4. However, other Retail Loans such as Housing Loans, Cent Vidyarthi Loans, Cent Vehicle Loans may be allowed to continue subject to satisfaction of repayment capacity and other criteria as per the respective schemes. It is needless to mention here that all concessions extended to such loans under Cent Param Scheme will stand withdrawn at the time of transfer of Salary / pension account, even if they are allowed to continue.

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