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Cent Salary Saving Scheme (CSSS)

Eligibility criteria

1.All permanent employees of Central Govt/ State Government/ Railways, Educational Institutes & PSU can open account in group of minimum 10 employees. Permanent employees of Corporate & other organisation in a group of minimum 25 employees can open CSSSA.
2.Institution should also open a Current account- wherever possible.
3.Employer's mandate for salary to be routed through our bank.
4.Minimum net salary must be Rs.10,000/-.
5.Employee shall undertake that he shall have no objection in conversion of the account into normal savings account (having minimum balance requirement and applicable charges) if salary is not credited in the account for 3 consecutive months.
6.Normal KYC norms applicable.


Features Facility
Minimum Balance Requirement Zero Balance
Maintenance Charges NIL
Family Medical Health policy Upto Rs.4 lacs through Chola Health Policy at competitive rates.
Lifetime Unique Account Number Available across all Branches. Convertible to pension account on retirement.
Direct credit of salary On pre determined date
Access to the account Through any Branch of the Bank and ATMs/ Tele/Mobile Banking.
Flexibility to Withdraw/ Deposit/ Transfer from any Branch in India.
Internet/Tele/Mobile Banking/SMS Alert Free along with e- account statement.
Joint Account Facility With spouse/ any other family member with either or survivor facility.
Facility for Standing Instructions Free
ATM /Debit Card Free New Card Variant “WONDER CARD” which is a combination of Debit cum Credit Card with inbuilt credit facilities tailor made for Salaried Class Customers.
Free add on Debit Card for joint account holder.
Cheque Stop Payment Instructions 3 Instructions per quarter free
Transactions at ATM

Free subject to a maximum limit of Rs 40000/- per day at CBI ATMs.
Free at all ATMs of other Banks, subject to RBI regulations as applicable from time to time

(Currently 5 transactions per month with other Bank ATMs).
Instant credit of outstation cheques up to Rs 15,000/ subject to T&C
Multi City Cheques (payable at par at all Branches) Multicity personalized cheque book containing 20 leaves free per quarter
Easy Overdraft through New Variant of Debit Card with inbuilt Credit facility. Rate of Interest -MCLR + 4
Draft/Bankers Cheque Issue (Not applicable for cash entries) 5 DD/BC per Quarter max Rs. 1 lacs
Remittance through RTGS/NEFT Free
Utility Bill Payments through Internet Free of Cost (as per the present scheme)
Auto Sweep Facility Threshold Amount: Rs25,000
Fixed Deposits to be created for a minimum amount of Rs 10,000 (and in multiples of Rs 1,000) in any one instance..
Passbook Available for all accounts – Free updating at Non Home Branches
Fast Track Processing of Retail Loans Applicable to all Retail Loans
Processing charges on Retail loans Waived
Demat accounts Initial one time account opening charges waived
Concession in Locker Rent 10% rebate in Locker Rent


Account Opening Forms:

Deposit Account Opening Form
For Individual (Click This Link For Detailed Instructions)

Click Here To Download

KYC Information

Click Here To Download

Part I

Customer Information Form

Click Here To Download

Part II

Deposit Account Opening Form

Click Here To Download


Q. What are the unique features of Salary Savings Scheme of the Bank?

It is a unique savings account for salaried employees of Govt/Corporate loaded with special features and banking privileges.
Easy Overdraft through New Variant of debit card – WONDER CARD with inbuilt Credit facility


Q. What are the eligibility criteria for opening a Salary Savings Scheme account?

All permanent employees of Central Government/ State Government / Railways
Educational Institutes & PSU can open account in group of minimum 10 employees.
Permanent employees of Corporates & other organizations in a group of minimum 25 employees can open account under SSS


Q. How do I open a salary account?

As per your eligibility as stated above, you are welcome to open SSS a/c with the branch where your salary is to be routed. You have to submit mandate to route your salary through the SSS a/c from the employer. Wherever it is possible your organization /Institution should have Current Account with the Bank.


Q. What are the main features of Salary Savings Scheme a/c?

The detailed features are made available on our website. 


Q. What documents do I need to submit for opening salary account?

Introduction by the company (stamped & signed by authorized signatory)
Photocopy of PAN Card
Address proof
Customers at their option shall submit one of the following:
Driving License, PAN Card, Voter’s Identity Card issued by the Election Commission of India, Letter issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India containing details of name, address and Aadhaar number.


Q. Do I require an introduction from an existing account holder for opening Salary account?

No introduction is required from an existing account holder for opening a Salary account. Proof of your employment/validation from an authorized official of your Organization/ Institution is sufficient.


Q. How do I get my account transferred from one Branch to another?

To transfer your account from one branch to another, you will have to fill up and submit the transfer of account form available with the branch and surrender your cheque book. You may retain your Debit card and instruct to link the same card to your new account.


Q. What all can I do with the Internet Banking facility offered to me with my Salary account?

All the activities available through net banking facility can be performed.


Q. Can I get the Mobile Banking facility?

Yes. Please download the app.


Q.  Can I do Anywhere Banking in my Salary account?

Yes. Anywhere banking facility allows you to operate your account from a branch other than the branch where you have opened your account.


Q. As a salary account holder, can I open a joint account and with whom?

Yes. You can open a joint account with your spouse or your blood relative by providing us an acceptance letter from your company stating that they have no objection to it.


Q. What is the rate of interest that I will earn on the balance in my salary account?

It is same as normal Savings Accounts – currently it is 4% per annum.


Q. How do I change the nominees for my Salary account?

You can change the nominee at any time making a declaration to that effect in the appropriate form which is available at the Branch.

Q. What are the features of Wonder Card?

Wonder Card will be issued as a personalized card. 
The card is with Overdraft facility. 
The credit limit will be 3 times of net monthly salary (for Govt and PSU employees) and 2 times of net monthly salary (for other employees) with maximum of Rs.5.00 lakh.
For terms and conditions please contact your Home Branch.  


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