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RTGS is a modern, robust, integrated payment and continuous (real time) settlement system developed by RBI, whereby the Banks and Financial Institutions (Member Banks/FIs) transfer funds (both for customers and inter-bank transactions) to one another on an immediate, final and irrevocable basis during the stipulated business hours as indicated below :

Timings for RTGS Transactions

Sl. No.
Open for Business
08:00 AM
Initial Cut-off For Customer Payments (R-41)
16:15 PM
Final Cut-off For Inter Bank Payments (R-42)
07.30 PM


For RTGS, the minimum amount (floor limit) is Rs.2 lakh for customer Transactions.
There is no maximum limit.


Revised Commission & Service Tax w.e.f. 1st August, 2017: Please check in Service Charges


How to do RTGS/NEFT through Internet Banking?

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Ø How RTGS is different from NEFT ?

NEFT operates on a Deferred Net Settlement (DNS) basis which settles transactions in hourly batches, whereas RTGS transactions are settled individually and on real-time basis.

ØWhat is the minimum & maximum amount stipulated for NEFT/RTGS transaction ?

For NEFT there is no minimum & maximum amount. For RTGS the minimum amount is Rs.2 lakh for customer transactions and no maximum limit. However, maximum amount for Internet Banking Users are :

Sl No.
Category of the Constituents
Individual Customers – Personal
Rs.2 lakh per transaction
Rs. 5 lakh per transaction
Aggregate limit Rs. 10 lakh per day
Corporate Customers
Specified Limit on a case to case basis, subject to a maximum of Rs.100 crore per day, either in RTGS or NEFT.

Ø Whether non-customer can use the NEFT/RTGS remittance facility ?

Both remitter & beneficiary should hold a valid Account with Member banks. However, cash remittance up to Rs.50,000/- is allowed under NEFT.

Ø When does the beneficiary receive the credit of NEFT transaction ?

Settlement of NEFT transactions are done in hourly batches (12 batches from 8 AM to 7 PM) and the proceeds of NEFT are credited within two business hours on the same day. However, for transactions originated under 6 & 7 PM batches, the credit will be afforded by RBI either on the same day or on the next working day.

Ø When does the remitter get back the amount if the NEFT transaction is not processed by the beneficiary bank ?

If the beneficiary bank/branch could not afford credit to the account of the beneficiary for whatever reason, the recipient bank is expected to return the amount to the remitting bank within two hours of completion of the batch in which the transaction was processed. Upon receipt of the amount, the same shall be credited to the remitter’s account.

ØWhether NEFT facility can be used to transfer fund from/to NRE/NRO Accounts ?

NEFT mode of funds transfer can be used to transfer funds from or to NRE & NRO Accounts in India, subject to compliance with the provisions of FEMA 2000.

ØWhether bulk upload facility is available under NEFT ?

Yes, NEFT Bulk Upload Facility is available at respective branches, as well as through Corporate Internet Banking. Activation of the beneficiary will be done after 24 hours of the addition in Corporate Net banking.

ØWhat is the time taken for crediting proceeds of RTGS transactions ?

Under normal circumstances, the beneficiary’s account shall be credited with the proceeds of RTGS in real time, as the process flow is STP (straight through process) without any manual intervention. As per extant guidelines, the beneficiary bank has to credit the beneficiary’s account within thirty minutes of receiving the funds from remitting bank.

ØWhen shall the remitter get back the RTGS amount if the same is not processed by the beneficiary bank ?

RTGS Inward remittances received by an RTGS member bank for crediting to a beneficiary’s account will be returned to the originating RTGS member bank within two hours of receipt of the funds or before the end of the RTGS business day, whichever is earlier, if it is not possible to credit the amount to the beneficiary customer’s account for any technical reasons such as, Account does not exist, Invalid Account, Account Frozen/Stopped etc.
The returned amount shall be credited to the remitter’s A/c immediately on receipt and in the case of Failed/Suspended Transactions due to system/technical failures at Payment Gateways at RBI/PI of both banks, the same are reprocessed or credited to the respective accounts within 48 hours after reconciling the accounts.

For branch specific working hours, please contact the respective branches.

For Customer Facilitation Centres for RTGS & NEFT & other related issues, please contact :


Chief Manager – FMD/RTGS
Integrated Treasury Branch, 5th Floor,
Chander Mukhi Building, Nariman Point,
MUMBAI 400 021
Phone 022 2283 1626/ 6638 7543/7544/7513
E-mail: cmrtgs@centralbank.co.in


Chief Manager,
Service Support Branch,
CBI Buildings, 5th floor, Fort,
M G Road, Mumbai 400 001
Phone : 022 2263 7900/7956
E-mail : cbineftcfc@centralbank.co.in

For Technical Support :

Payment Gateway Team,
Dept. of Information Technology,
CBI Bldgs, 1st Floor, Opp: CBD Belpaur Station
Phone : 022 6712 3678/3680
E-mail: rtgscpp@centralbank.co.in
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