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Cent Samvridhi Current Account

Type of Account Current Account
Eligibility As per prevailing norms
Mode of holding A/c As per prevailing norms
Available at branches CBS Branches only
Rate of interest and frequency NIL
Auto-sweep facility Yes available.
Core Deposit / Threshold Deposit Rs 2,00,000.00
Minimum Balance Qrtly average balance of Rs 2,00,000.00
Initial FD amount Rs 25,000.00 and thereafter in multiples of Rs 25,000.00
Sweep out procedure Amount will be swept-out to FD in a unit of Rs 25,000.00 and multiples thereon
Sweep out periodicity (From CD to FD account) Fortnightly / 15 days. 1st and 15th of every month
Min Deposit period 7 days
Max Deposit Period

3 year. FD will be auto renewed on maturity and interest credited to the linked Current account.

Rate of Interest on Fixed Deposit
  • Rate of Interest on Fixed Deposit as applicable to the relevant deposit period.

  • Additional interest rate benefit to Senior citizen @ 0.50% on fixed deposit.

  • No additional benefit to Staff / Ex-staff and Senior Citizen.

  • On sweep-in : units will attract interest rate applicable to deposit period.
Sweep-in Daily in multiple of Rs 25,000.00
Sweep-in Method LIFO (LAST IN FIRST OUT)
Facilities / privileges available
  1. Issuance of cheque Book: 50 leaves cheque book free per quarter.

  2. Free Balance certificate,

  3. Free signature verification.

  4. Email statement of account once per month free.

  5. Instant credit of outstation cheque upto ` 25,000.00

  6. Free Net Banking fee

  7. 50% concession on folio charges

  8. 50% concession in services charges for cash deposit at non home branch

  9. 50% concession in service charges/ commission for DD/BC

  10. Credit Card : First year free of chares. Limited to two partners/two directors/upto two persons of other bodies authorized to operate the account

  11. 50% waiver of processing fees on car loan in the name of the proprietor/ firm/company

  12. 20% concession in locker rent, if rent is paid in advance for three years and above in lump sum
All other charges as per prevailing rules
Penalties Premature encashment of Fixed Deposit: Penalty as per the prevailing rule
Penalty for non-maintenance of Minimum Balance: Rs 300/-
Return of outstation cheque : Rs 500.00
Loan Facility No

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